We value free thinkers and those with a gutsy entrepreneurial spirit If you’re dreaming of becoming a part of our community of fun, check out our available jobs below. Remember to send us your CV:


Minimum 2 years experience
Presentable and well spoken, enjoy interacting with customers

Cashiers / Managers

Minimum 2 years experience
Presentable and well spoken
Computer skills – (POS) competent
Proven Leadership skills – ability to manage staff and be a team leader


Minimum 2 years experience
Knowledge of Northern areas
Valid Motor Cycle license

Franchise Application

If you would like to apply for a franchising opportunity, please complete the form below.

Your franchise application will be considered, if the following conditions are met on application:

Completion of the online franchise application form.

Payment of an application fee/deposit in the sum of R6 900,00 (including Vat). Should your application be successful, the full amount of R6 900,00 (including Vat) will be credited to your set up costs. In the event that your application is unsuccessful, regardless of the reason, you will be refunded R3 450,00 (including Vat).

We rely largely on our Applicant Franchisees to identify potential Andiccio24 sites and to forward the following information to us so that we can conduct a preliminary off-site assessment:

  • Physical address of the premises
  • Salient terms and conditions of the Offer to Lease
  • Centre/building and store plans
  • Tenant mix
  • Photographs of the interior and exterior of the premises
  • Details of all Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’S) within a 3 km radius of the proposed premises
  • Details from the Landlord on Extraction facilities (if available), Electricity and Plumbing supply details, Ablution facilities, Parking arrangements and slab load bearing capacity due to weight of the pizza oven.

Upon receipt of the payment and the franchise application the franchise information pack together with a tax invoice will be forwarded to you.

It is company policy that applicant franchisees have a minimum of 70% of unencumbered self funding required for the start up capital. The estimated startup capital is R 1,600,000 (One million six hundred thousand rand). This figure may change from time to time.